About Precomposer

What is the Precomposer?

The Precomposer is a turnkey setup package to quickly and efficiently ramp up an online shop based on commercetools and Storyblok. It can be installed with just a few clicks and already contains the key functionality, infrastructure and operational processes for Composable Commerce.

What problems does the Precomposer solve?

The Precomposer helps launch a new shop faster and set a future-proof foundation for composable commerce.

Speed up time-to-market: The Precomposer reduces the development effort and time required to build the store's architecture and infrastructure, which can normally take dozens of working days depending on the experience and expertise in the team, to just a few minutes.

Building for Composable Commerce: An API aggregator service at the core of Precomposer helps orchestrate services and reduces complexity with fewer interfaces, fewer dependencies and fewer data formats to manage. This lays a sustainable foundation for fully composable commerce.

What features does the Precomposer offer?

The Precomposer provides the architecture, infrastructure, and operational and development processes necessary to lay the technical foundation for a fully functional compsable shop in minutes.

Full store architecture including

Aggregator API for decoupling frontend and other services (composable commerce architecture)

Central logging (Graylog) and monitoring (Grafana)

Storefront with Storyblok as CMS and a simple, customizable layout and predefined functionality for login, shopping cart, etc.

Full store infrastructure including

Out-of-the-box deployment on Kubernetes clusters

Fully functional GitOps-based CI/CD pipeline supporting multiple environments (development, staging, production)

"Anything As Code": everything is recoverable "from scratch" as long as Git repos are intact

Automatic creation of demo DNS name entries and SSL encryption with certificates

Plus: Sample implementation for additional services, testing & QA and comprehensive documentation