How to rollback deployment to an older release

How to rollback deployment to an older release

During development and deployment cycles it happens that only after the deployment of a new artifact (image) you realize that is is faulty and you would like to switch back to the version that has been running nicely before.


You need to be able to login to your ArgoCD instance.

We assume that you have (had) a correctly running deployment and have just deployed a new one that is now bad in some way and want to rollback to the previous version.

Rollback using ArgoCD

  1. Log in to ArgoCD - e.g. via (opens in a new tab) (maybe different depending on you installation).
  2. Click on the affected application ("shop-stack-dev" for example)
  3. Click on "History and Rollback" in the top row of buttons. A list of previously installed version will be shown.
  4. Look for the version on which you want to rollback to. Click the three dots on the right and choose "Rollback".

ArgoCD will switch off auto-sync of this application to prevent itself from auto re-installing the latest version. Then it will smoothly deploy the selected previous version.

Remember to turn on auto-sync after fixing the problem in the latest version.