Logging Stack (Graylog)

Logging Stack (based on Graylog)

  • Installation by the setup workflow as an application in ArgoCD - based on these directories:
    • overlays/ops/logging
    • base/graylog
    • base/elasticsearch
    • base/mongodb
  • Installed into the kubernetes namespace telemetry.
  • This also includes an Elasticsearch and a MongoDB installation, but these work largely "unobtrusively" in the background.
  • Persistent data is stored in the associated kubernetes persistent volumes.
  • Web access from extern via kubernetes ingress graylog-http-ingress: Infrastruktur-URL+/graylog (e.g. https://ops.demo.precomposer.shop/graylog (opens in a new tab))
  • Graylog Homepage: https://www.graylog.org/ (opens in a new tab)