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E-Commerce Hub

E-Commerce Hub

The E-Commerce Hub is a highly modularized service which focuses on composing and integrating multiple commerce functions and offering its own coherent but flexible API to any frontend client.

Carts Module

Categories Module

Crosscutting Module

Orders Module

Customers Module

Prices Module

Products Module

CMS Module

The CMS module wraps the connection to Storyblok (headless content management system). It is built on top of the official Storyblok JS client and offers some sane querying parameters as well as caching and result mapping. During installation of the Precomposer, you have to provide a Storyblok access token or management token to establish the connection.

By Default, the E-Commerce Hub will cache all queried results. The cache is cleared only after a pod restart. If you want to disable the cache or use "draft" versions of your content, you have to add the following parameter to the aggregator-api config:

Parameter NameValueDefault
STORYBLOK_CONTENT_VERSION"Draft" or "Published"Published

After deploying the configuration change, make sure it is available in the pod. Otherwise, restart it.