Next Steps

Next steps: Development and Build Pipelines

After happily exploring the installed Precomposer parts you can go ahead developing yourself.

To start development you have to copy ("Use as template") and clone one or more of the Precomposer service repositories:

  • E-Commerce Hub (Repository epc-aggregator-api)
  • Storefront (Repository epc-storefront)
  • Pricing Service (Repository epc-pricing-service)

Create a new Github-Action-Secret EPC_PAT in every newly created Precomposer service repository (Settings -> Secrets and variables -> Actions -> Secrets) and put in the same credentials as for the PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN from Github.

If you changed the name of the epc-deployment-configurations repository in the installation step earlier, switch to the tab "Variables", then create a new Github-Action-Variable DEPLOYMENT_REPO_NAME and set it to the name of the earlier created and renamed deployment-configuration repository.

Then you are immediately able to commit changes to your service repository which will automatically be built and deployed by the corresponding pipeline (details here).