Packages and Tools

Packages & Tools

We wanted to achieve full composability and flexibility while providing a lof of groundwork and out-of-the-box functionality to users. Therefore, we carefully pre-selected and combined production hardened tools, but you are able to replace them at any time. There are basically 3 tool stacks which will be installed into your cluster environment:

  • Logging
  • Monitoring
  • Shop

The following sections give insight in how services are set up and reasoning.

TODO: Built (partly created) directory structure...

What about Persistent Volumes?

Some applications need to persist data. to ensure this we use persistent volumes and leverage the default storage class of each cluster provider.

Each persistent volume is bound by a persistent volume claim. As long as this is present, the volume is also kept (not deleted).



Cert-manager for Lets-Encrypt certificates

Ingress objects with rules for (see below for details):

  • aggregator-http-ingress
  • frontend-http-ingress
  • httpd-ops-ingress
  • graylog-http-ingress
  • grafana-http-ingress
  • argocd-server-cli-ingress
  • argocd-server-http-ingress


  • Namespace is defined at the start of the setup workflow
  • ...